WRC 2013 - FIA Confirms and Announces 13 Events

After the long dreaded week of the future of WRC after the WMSC meeting, it was a little relief that there will be 2013 and may be more... uh! It will be more!! :)

But this good news has a yellow flag, FIA is yet to announce the name of Promoter though! Until Finland, it is FIA's & event organiser's baby to change the nappies and whatever.. This means, the fans are not sure what will be the hit at their wallet management & what they would be getting in return!

The list of events for 2013 is as below, in alphabetical order,

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Monte Carlo
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden

All the geo-locations remains same, but just a little bit of change of Australian round replacing the current New Zealand. Post the meeting, the 'million euro' question remains the same! What happened to the 100,000 fee thingy, that created all the pre-meet ruckus? Did that issue resolved, with any conclusion? And was this events confirmed after the acceptance of the local event organiser!?. Uh! Too many questions and little answers or info... hope these questions are answered positively in the upcoming days!

Also in terms of cost-cutting measures for the upcoming season, only number of tires made used per car is reduced. Q.Any other ways of cutting the costs involved?!.. maybe like Hybrid-WRC Cars in future to save on the fuel, although to develop it would be another huge expenditure!

Atleast there is a relief that we get to see this baby monster from VW Motorsports!

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MotoGP Olympics by British Riders

[Image courtesy: MotoGP]

In a promotional event held by Sky Bar Westfield, seven British riders of the MotoGP World Championship competed. Trio, Scott Redding [Marc VDS Racing], Bradley Smith [Tech 3 Racing] and Gino Rea [Federal Oil Gresini Moto2] bagged the Gold, whereas Danny Webb [Mahindra Racing] & Danny Kent [Red Bull Ajo KTM] took the Silver, while Cal Crutchlow [Monster Yamaha Tech 3] and James Ellison [Paul Bird Motorsport] settled for the bronze

However the competition was unique, with Classic British pub games of dart board, flipping the beer mat and navigating their way around an electric buzzer map of the Silverstone circuit.
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Loeb gets his X Games DS3 XL ready

For people who were cursing me to publish a complete french speaking Loeb in the earlier news post [live], here is something you would like to know.. Loeb is going to get an all new breed of DS3 WRC for one shot Global RallyCross event during WRC mid-season break in Los Angeles, USA.

Loeb says that he actually was impressed by the video invitation from Travis Pastrana and was excited by the idea. With this invitation formalised with the team principal Yves Matton, Citroen Racing Director, the challenge was accepted.

With the formal confirmation from Citroen Racing, Sebastien Loeb will be present on the X-Games in Los Angeles! June 28 to July 1. However the challenge is not going to be small to the World Rally champion as he would be confronting the existing experienced squad of stars of its discipline. Pastrana in mind - but also some Marcus Gronholm. This will be a new experience for Loeb saying, "I love competing and I'm always curious about new disciplines," he confirms. "A week after the arrival of Rally New Zealand, so I will be in Los Angeles to meet the challenge for me was started by Travis! The rallycross as we have in Europe is very dramatic and declination U.S. seems even more extreme. The prospect of driving a Citroen DS3 545ch door against door with opponents of the caliber of Marcus Gronholm can only motivate me! "

Beware, if Loeb is new at this, it is not a man to cross the ocean to play second fiddle! "Once the project is actually launched, we have prepared with the utmost seriousness," said Yves Matton, Citroen Racing Director. "Since this is a one shot, we will not need to think about managing a championship position. There is only one race and we're determined to try to win. It will not be easy because we have everything to discover facing opponents well established in this type of competition, but we will fight from first to last meter! " To confront the specialists Global Rallycross overseas, the World Rally champion will take the wheel of a Citroen DS3 XL (like X-Games and Loeb!), Evolution of the DS3 designed specifically for the event, he was able to test in Dreux. "With four-wheel drive and power, the DS3 pushing very hard! We took advantage of these trials to test different settings, "he says. "But we know that the American circuits are very different and therefore we must quickly adapt the car to the conditions. " "From a distance, the DS3 rallycross resembles the WRC," said Cyrille Jourdan, project engineer in charge of Citroën Racing. "If the design of the chassis and running gear is quite similar, the mechanics are fundamentally different. The two-liter turbo engine of the DS3 XL swells whopping 545ps of power and develops 800 Nm of torque, reminding us the GroupB era. Acceleration is worthy of an F1, with 0 to 100 km / h shot in 2'' 4! " "The radiator is moved to the trunk," says Cyril Jourdan, this DS3 rallycross being devoid of spare wheels ... and copilot. "The main visual difference between the WRC and the XL is also the addition of ventilation slots in the rear fenders.

This optimization aims to achieve the best performance at the start, the most crucial phase in rallycross. " One of five rounds of the Global Rallycross Championship (GRC), the X-Games in Los Angeles will be played at the Gilbert Lindsay Plaza, a circuit which includes occasional bitumen and loose soil, while providing a jump of 20m suitable for powering the show.

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No WRC - New Zealand for VW Motorsports

VW Motorsports have choosed out of New Zealand Rally for developmental tests, team manager Sven Smeets confirms. He says, "We were testing in Greece last week and in the next few weeks we have planned for tests in Finland and Germany".

As the mid-season break is after the Rally New Zealand, and the next six rounds will be starting from August, Sven says, "It is going to help us in testing & developing the Polo R WRC better, as in the next six rounds after round 7 WRC is packed in just under 4 months, and they would only have 2 months left to do the finalisation on the homologation of the Polo R WRC car for next season". He also adds, "The overseas events like Mexico and Argentina has helped them to assess the logistical perspective of such events, so skipping New Zealand Rally should not affect their full season attack next year onwards".

Its actually nice to hear such positive plans from the German car maker in their firm stance of their competition regardless of the chaos in the WRC event organisers & FIA for the upcoming season 2013. Hope their optimistic point of view is adopted by the whole WRC fraternity.. fingers crossed!
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4stars Rating for Mahindra XUV5OO - ANCAP

In a crash test conducted by Australian ANCAP, Mahindra's flagship model the new XUV5OO has managed to acquire 4 points for safety. However, in contrast to the EuroNCAP vs the ANCAP, there is a lot of differences in the certification and points awarding criteria. Hoping it will pull out of the EuroNCAP in flying colours too.

The test was conducted on 8th of May, 2012. 
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IRC 2012 : Round 5 - Targa Florio Rally

The 96th Targa Florio Rally kick-started earlier today, with a good number of valuable entries in almost all the classes having exciting competition.

The roads the stages will be used as is-as exciting as with any other european rallies are considered.
This is one of the oldest rallies on earth that dates to the very early formative history of rally or motorsports can be derived.

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Yamaha Confirms Lorenzo for 2013 and 2014 MotoGP

Yamaha confirms a seat for Jorge Lorenzo for years 2013 and 2014 in MotoGP.

A happy man Lorenzo speaks, "I am extremely happy to have signed with Yamaha for two more years. They’ve made great efforts to retain me in the Factory Team so I want to thank all those involved at Yamaha for this. I’ve been treated like part of the Yamaha family since 2008 and I love working with them. It has always been my first option to stay here and so I’m happy that this important negotiation has finished with such a positive outcome. Now I can focus on the Championship and I’m looking forward to paying back Yamaha’s trust in me starting at Silverstone this weekend. I look forward to winning many more Championships together; my dream to finish my career with Yamaha is now closer to becoming a reality"

Lin Jarvis, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Racing, adds, "This is excellent news for Yamaha and for the Yamaha Factory Racing Team. Jorge has been with us since 2008 and achieved superb results in the first four years, the highlight being his World Championship victory in 2010. He’s currently on top form having won three of the first five GP races and finishing second in the other two. Jorge’s contract extension allows both him and Yamaha to concentrate 100% on this year’s Championship challenge without any distractions and also to make future plans together to further strengthen the winning partnership."

[source: FIM-Live]
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FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2012, R3 - Jarama

Truckers must be enjoying this fantastic Racing Championship of theirs conducted under the FIA belt. 3rd round of the championship was held at Jarama, at Circuito del Jarama.

Below are the videos from the event.!

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80th Edition of 24hr Le mans - This Weekend

Coming weekend is 'Le Mans' the extreme test for both man, machine and the crew. Its basically a 24hr marathon racing where the driver has to endure himself along with his car & manage resources with the help of support crews. 

The race schedule is as below,

  • 10th-11th June 2012 : Scrutineering, administrative checks & documentation

  • 12th June 2012 : Driver, Team Briefing and Autograph session.
  • 13th June 2012 : Free Practice till 20:00, Qualifying starts from 22:00 till midnight.
  • 14th June 2012 : Two more rounds of Qualifying from 19:00 till midnight.
  • 15th June 2012 : Grande Parade / Drivers Parade in the City Center.
  • 16th June 2012 : Warm up till 09:45 and 15:00 Official Start of 80th 24hr Le Mans
  • 17th June 2012 : Official Finish of 80th 24hr Le Mans


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Honda Fit [EV] - A Car that doesn't guzzles

In the current economic crisis and ever-growing prices of fossil fuels, here is some relief from one of the automotive giant, Honda. They have come across a 100% electric car which has a range of 123 miles, on a single charge. However it will only release 1,100 cars for California and Oregon markets from coming summer of 2012. The car is based on its hatchback model Honda Fit ['Jazz' as it is known outside US], which has an excellent aerodynamics, hence a better drag coefficient Cd=0.33, and is also a very light car.

For complete details visit Honda's website here.

Hope this marks a major step towards green cars in the future, and available across the planet by Honda and other car makers too.

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Formula 1 : Canadian GP Podium Finishers

The excited Hamilton after his first win of the season..

The Podium finishers talk!

Vettel was surely disappointed by his advantageous pole position.

Alonso's point of view..

What the analysts said..
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WRC winner JM Latvala - breaks speed records for sub/1.0 liter engined car

Yesterday, it was a celebration day for Ford as their lead WRC drive Latvala, broke speed records for sub one liter class of FIA homologation Category-B (series production cars), Group-1 (4-stroke engine), and Class-5 (with engines between 850-1000cc).

He broke and set new four records, in one kilometer from stand still to flying finish, one kilometer from flying start to flying finish, then one mile from stand still to flying finish, and one mile from flying start to flying finish.

A very happy man Latvala added that 'this is quite a punchy car for just a liter engine', driving the Ford Focus Ecosport.

 [image courtesy www.wrc.com]
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WRC 2013 - Events failed to signup within deadline

In line to the concerned raised by the Events Organisers across the planet for the WRC events, issue does not seem to end. In view of the deadline (8th June 2012) set for them to 'payup or get-lost' attitude of FIA's WRC Committee for the next season's registration goes down the drain, as none of the events involved in the 2013 World Rally Championship have signed the FIA's proposed agreement for next year's series.

The FIA had issued a contract agreement on 28th May 2012 which was expected to be returned by the event holders within the set deadline. The new contract form had also notified that any failure to do so would result in the event being excluded from the 2013 WRC calendar. The rally event organisers who were expected to be involved had strongly opposed the additional £100,000 fee for the media coverage, safety & timing systems. FIA had also notified 15th June for a council meeting, but the payup was supposed to be made before, and organisers had disputed on this stance quoting, that it was not very nice to be asked to payup before giving substantial details on the additional charges will be good for the event organisers part too.

So this has made us [the fans] to wonder the future of WRC as a sport... hope it all ends on a positive note post the scheduled meeting just before this week's conclusion.
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Formula 1 : Canada - Qualifying

Sebastien Vettel has again dominated in the final practice and qualifying on Saturday. Hamilton however tried with great effort, but wasn't quite enough to match Pole's effort. Alonso takes the third position.

All the latest updates here
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Formula 1 - Montreal Grand Prix, Canada - Practice

Lewis Hamilton dominated both the practice sessions on Friday.
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