Tata Nano CNG to Arrive in 2012-13

Tata Motors has announced the arrival of CNG version of Nano straight from the production, unlike the options of aftermarket fitments.

Advantages and salient features of the showroom available Nano CNG [Bi-fuel],
  • Bifuel sequential injection of CNG (similar to MPFI), which helps in better economy & emissions with little or no loss of power like in aftermarket kits
  • Senses even the slightest leakage of CNG and cuts off, hence much safer.
  • Seamless switching between Petrol and CNG, which is essential for city driving conditions.
  • It has 15 liter petrol tank and 35 liter CNG tank, so there is no downtime in-case CNG or petrol is not available during driving. Well, it is one of the most fuel-efficient compacts for urban population!

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