WRC 2013 - Events failed to signup within deadline

In line to the concerned raised by the Events Organisers across the planet for the WRC events, issue does not seem to end. In view of the deadline (8th June 2012) set for them to 'payup or get-lost' attitude of FIA's WRC Committee for the next season's registration goes down the drain, as none of the events involved in the 2013 World Rally Championship have signed the FIA's proposed agreement for next year's series.

The FIA had issued a contract agreement on 28th May 2012 which was expected to be returned by the event holders within the set deadline. The new contract form had also notified that any failure to do so would result in the event being excluded from the 2013 WRC calendar. The rally event organisers who were expected to be involved had strongly opposed the additional £100,000 fee for the media coverage, safety & timing systems. FIA had also notified 15th June for a council meeting, but the payup was supposed to be made before, and organisers had disputed on this stance quoting, that it was not very nice to be asked to payup before giving substantial details on the additional charges will be good for the event organisers part too.

So this has made us [the fans] to wonder the future of WRC as a sport... hope it all ends on a positive note post the scheduled meeting just before this week's conclusion.

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