The First Indian MotoGP Racer who finished on Podium!

The MotoGP has seen many legends racing on its circuits from quite a long time, but it took way too many decades to take an Indian on its circuits. So celebrating a first International event Indian winner Sarath Kumar, was supposed to be quite nostalgic! However, it is not quite that way back in his homeland!

Also almost anyone reading this name must be wondering who this young heart might be! It is not very surprising to have such reactions as the matters with motorsports back here in India rarely makes it to the headlines, despite many roaring success in India and beyond!

Give it a try and go with this little video to know more about this racing lad from India!

Sarath Kumar made history by being the first Indian ever to secure a podium in an international motorcycle racing championship. His third place at Monza, Italy, in April this year is today overshadowed by certain realities that could stand in the way of a bright future.

Today, Sarath juggles the work of a taxi driver and that of a professional motorsports racer. His will is strong and the challenges ahead tough. The Indian motorsports eco-system was perhaps not yet ready for his success.

In this touching webisode, Sarath talks candidly about his life and dreams. We believe this history-making youngster has slightly changed the course of our nation's sporting future.

Whatever it is, Sarath Kumar has an iconic status in Indian motorsports fraternity.

Let god bless on these young souls who want to make it big, for themselves and their country!

We wish him the best for his racing future and his personal life too! Go get more trophies for all of us Sarath :)

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