#Dakar2015 - The Finale!

The Finale!

sideways to the finish
Quad cornering
Today is the final leg of the 2015 Dakar, the edition. The will competition begin from Rosario, to culminate at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The start order will be reversed with respect to the overall standings, ie., Marc Coma will be the last of bikers, Nasser Al-attiyah for cars, and henceforth!

CS Santosh
sideways Peugeot
Indian rider Santosh CS will be 44th on the grid, and is expected to sneek in to the 20's, but a 30-35 finish will be a good show by the peninsular champ.

The weather seems cloudy, but no predictions for rain, and the conditions should be pleasant; in favour of the marathoners who would be racing their last stage today.

Truck drift
The rally had seen sizzling heat over the desert floor, to freezing cold over the high mountains, stormy rains, and what not! It was a wonderful race of endurance, and was more of a journey to remember; for all!

As all good things comes to an end, so does Dakar for this year's 36th edition.

Now lets move to the live timings, and see who is doing good!

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