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#Dakar2015, Day 9 - Uyuni, Bolivia to Iquique, Chile (Bikes & Quads only)

Day 9 route, with Stage 8, Bikes & Quads 2 wheels against, 4 wheeled twin Day 9 of Dakar 2015 bids goodbye to Bolivia t...

Day 9 route, with Stage 8, Bikes & Quads

2 wheels against, 4 wheeled twin
Day 9 of Dakar 2015 bids goodbye to Bolivia ths year. The day started started with stage 8 for the bike & quad riders, but the weather not so in favour of them. It was cold, wet, foggy and less sign to improve, even after an hour of delayed start.
Brigade of the riders
The short transport from the camp to the salt flats were pretty soaked, but quite hard to allow passage of the racers.

The desert floor was like a mirror with white fog covering all the landscape & sky. It was decided by the race officials to shorten the stage, and the action begun over the never-ending look of the flats. Live timings were erratic, but the race was well handled otherwise.
Fixing the bike, # 72

The race is on!
The day became more warmer as they descended downhill towards Iquique & with shorter stage, the casualty was a lot lesser, and more importantly in good shape for the rest of the race.


Marc Coma speaking to press
Happy man, Soultrait,  6th fastest
"The dare-devils took to the stage with valour of a soldier, and fought the odds littered ahead of them; only to emerge victorious at the desert floor, at Iquique." It was a lot more than that quoted sentence, and it also marked the strategies, and race winning calculations to measure the level of risk for the day, as needed.

Pablo Quintanilla
The fore-front riders were almost cruising & racing sometimes, but with more care, mostly connected to their brains for a better fortune at the end of the race.

Marc Coma finished 9th fastest, 7m37s to the stage winner the Chilean, KTM rider - Pablo Quintanilla. But he was much ahead of already trailing former leader and Honda rider Paulo Goncalves, who finished with 12m17s to the stage leader.
Long way down to finish @ Iquique

Juan Pedrero Garcia, a Spaniard on his Yamaha was second fastest through the stage with 11s down to Quintanilla, and Slovakian was third with a gap of just 12s.

Laia Sanz looks behind for chasers
The lady rider of Dakar, Laia Sanz scored a 5th quickest time with 2m36s down the stage winner. Excelente Laia!

A strong place finish to the Indian rider, C S Santosh, who is braving all the injuries he has suffered so far. He finished 32nd and 36th in overall. Kudos champ!

 Top 5 Bikes, Stage 8

Pos.  N°  NameMarkTimeDifferencePenalty
131QUINTANILLA (CHL)KTM02:56:19- -
210PEDRERO GARCIA (ESP)YAMAHA  02:56:3000:00:11-
318SVITKO (SVK)KTM02:56:3100:00:12-
426PRICE (AUS)KTM02:57:0000:00:41-
529SANZ PLA-GIRIBERT (ESP)  HONDA02:58:55  00:02:36-
3259C S SANTOSH (IND)KTM03:48:1200:51:53-

 Overall Top 5, Bikes after Stage 8

Pos.  N°  NameMarkTimeDifferencePenalty
11COMA (ESP)KTM28:51:12- -
27GONCALVES (PRT)HONDA  29:00:23  00:09:11-
331QUINTANILLA (CHL)  KTM29:02:2300:11:11-
426PRICE (AUS)KTM29:07:0800:15:56-
518SVITKO (SVK)KTM29:17:4200:26:30-
3659C S SANTOSH (IND)KTM38:16:5509:25:43-


Ignacio N. Casale with reporters
Dare-devilry? Nothing short of that with the Quads riders, in fact a tad bigger I can say! Argentinian Jeremias Gonzalez Ferioli, recorded the fastest time, followed by Ignacio Nicolas Casale in 7m54s, and Sergio Lafauente finished in third with a time gap of 11m4s. All top three rider on a their Yamaha Quads.

Casale now moves ahead of Rafal [Super] Sonik in overall positions, who finished the day in 9th place, and loses his lead to the Chilean.

 Top 5 Quads, Stage 8

Pos.  N°   NameMarkTimeDifferencePenalty
1261GONZALEZ FERIOLI (ARG)  YAMAHA  03:43:35  - -
2250CASALE (CHL)YAMAHA03:51:2900:07:54-
3252LAFUENTE (URY)YAMAHA03:54:3900:11:04-
4283NOSIGLIA (BOL)HONDA04:00:1300:16:38-
5260DECLERCK (FRA)YAMAHA04:13:1200:29:37-

 Overall Top 5, Quads after Stage 8

Pos.  NameMarkTimeDifferencePenalty
1250  CASALE (CHL)YAMAHA36:04:14- 00:20:00
2251SONIK (POL)YAMAHA36:11:0300:06:4900:15:00
3252LAFUENTE (URY)YAMAHA36:53:2500:49:11-
4261GONZALEZ FERIOLI (ARG)YAMAHA38:50:0002:45:46-
5256SANABRIA GALEANO (PRY)  YAMAHA  39:34:39  03:30:25-

It was also a home coming for Tom Coronel, who had to stay back at the desert due to issues with his Maxxis buggy yesterday. And today, he suffered another crash. Watch it here!

Day 10, route for Bikes & Quads
From, tomorrow the action is going to be all 'Mad Max'. It will be show of speed, skills & strategies. It will be important to see who can make it, and who cannot in the race towards the finish line at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Day 10, route for Cars & Trucks
Day 10, starts with stage 9 for all the competitors and will leave Iquique to finish the day at Calama. It will be over tens n hundreds of kilometers of dunes & desert stretches.

The motorcyclists and quad bikers will set off for their second marathon stage! After the Chile-Argentina border, this time the day's special stage will start on the Salinas Grandes, more than 3,600m above sea level. The altitude should curb the competitors' enthusiasm and cool down their engines. The more technical final phase will separate the toughest of them from the rest. For the liaison section, the route will then follow the Paso de l'Acay, at an altitude of 4,970m.  Until tomorrow, good night!

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