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Pune Accident: Teenager's Bail NOT Cancelled, Culprit Lands in Juvenile Correction Home

The driver who rammed his father's Porsche onto a motorcycle and killing both the rider & pillion, is now in the custody of juvenile...

The driver who rammed his father's Porsche onto a motorcycle and killing both the rider & pillion, is now in the custody of juvenile remand home and kept in a observation room for a correction therapy until June 5.

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Pune police commissioner Amitesh Kumar has given a statement stating that the culprit should be treated like an adult and not as a juvenile. They have been pursuing with the judicial authority since Sunday noon, under section IPC section 304, "as a culpable homicide amounting to murder".

Summarising what the Pune chief said,

"Being under the influence isn't what they are pursuing, but the fact that the culprit was in full knowledge of the seriousness of the consequences of his action of driving the powerful car in narrow streets at break neck speeds, while people & traffic were present on the road. Driving without a license, recklessly, a seriously powerful car - the Porsche, that was that had not registration plates, in the middle of the in night, intoxicated in alcohol, meant he was no ordinary minor."

People now fear that such incidents are also feared to become more often as India progresses in the global economy, lowering the affordability to such toys in the hands of such brats who could be a threat to common people.

Indians are now watching this case in a hope that the judiciary system does a fair justice in this case and should consider a 17 year, 8 month old as an adult and not just a juvenile.

Indian Netizens React:

"I am a Punekar! In the aftermath of all this, Vedant Agarwal was simply asked write 300-word essay on "the ill-effects of drunk-driving" by the court, he must learn traffic rules and get him into a de-addiction centre. The police demanded that Vedant should be tried as an adult but the judges in the court rejected this plea and chose to try him as a minor. One judge is also reported to have said "that this is not a too serious a crime."

"As a middle class father to an 18 year old, its sinks my heart when i think of the dull future of poor and middle class children of this country."

"Old enough to drink, old enough to drive. Old enough to take two lives. 

But too young for punishment? "

"I just passed the same route on Sunday. Had tears while driving thinking of those innocent lives. This matter will fizxle off in 3 months our system takes tooooooo long to deliver a sentence." 

We also hope that people take this as a lesson and use the public roads with respect & care. Unfortunately, we lost two young aspirants for this heinous act of a wealthy spoilt brat!

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