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Incessant Rains in Bengaluru, Churns a Havoc in the Southern India

In the recent past few days, the constant spell of rains in and around the low lying regions of Bengaluru City, & sub-urbs, ...

In the recent past few days, the constant spell of rains in and around the low lying regions of Bengaluru City, & sub-urbs, wreaks havoc in the region with flooding of roads, water logging in the low lying areas. Bengaluru, also dubbed as the Silicon Valley of India, houses a large part of the IT & IT enabled services & product companies who have claimed to have incurred huge losses due to the apathy of the situation.

Although there are some important & strategic deficiencies from the governance, the current situation is nothing short of a natural calamity. An yellow alert is issued by the Meteorological Department of India about the situation to be alike till 9th of September, 2022.

It is also important to take note that it is not only Bengaluru, but most of southern India, including Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh which have reported similar unprecedented rainfall and as a result flooding at various places.

Although climate change is always put to blame eventually, but it is also important to note that various modern real-estate development projects have overlooked such possibilities and conveniently blame the ruling government.

Certain violations/subversion of development rules, norms and also critical analysis during planning stages of many developmental projects often do not work with the necessary convening officials, who either lack the necessary ability or overloaded with work or corrupt or just do not want to discharge their duties due to reasons galore.

To put an end to such repetitions of such incidents, without wasting the public money and in the national interest, it is time for everyone to sit across and come out with an action plan that will actually catapult the nation in the global competition arena, rather than at mud-slinging on each other.

It is the low lying areas which is affected the most, especially the ones who are the labour class citizens who are living in a make-shift houses in thatched huts, without disregarding the plight of the citizens in proper housing situations. Everyone is important, from the ultra-rich to the down-right poor who has been living in the affected places.

Areas of Bellandur, Sarjapura Road, Whitefield, Outer Ring Road stretch between Mahadevapura till Sarjapura and BEML layout are the top most regions affected which is a major IT hub of Bengaluru City.

PS: Just don't be this kind of a citizen, creating more chaos with fake posts. NO CROCODILES FOUND IN THE RAINS ANYWHERE!

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