Breaking News: Cyrus Mistry, ex-Chairman of Tata Group Killed in a Road Accident

Cyrus Mistry, former-chairman of Tata Group, dies in a road accident near Maharashtra-Gujarat border.

The incident occurred near to Mumbai on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border region of the national highway. Mistry was reportedly was returning from Ahmedabad back to Mumbai in a Mercedes car at the time of the accident.

As there were 4 people in that car/SUV during the unfortunate occurance of the accident, another passenger too has died along with Mistry, and the other two seriously injured.

Palghar Jurisdictional SP Balasaheb Patil has confirmed the death of the businessman from the aforesaid incident. It is understood from the inspection that the driver might have lost control of the SUV and hit the median at high speed.

The impact was so severe, such as it the front section was totally unrecognizable of that large Mercedes. The accident has said to have occurred at around (approximately) 3:15 PM, by local witnesses.

Looking at the photos available from the internet, it seems like the car was driving on a fairly wet surface and also on a service road in opposite direction to the normal traffic, the driver seems to have misjudged the capabilities of the car and might have gone off the road and hit the concrete barrier of that bridge seen in impact spot picture (above).

Although all the airbags seems to have deployed, it might be quite possible that the passengers might have not strapped on the safety harness, who normally seated in the rear/middle usually do not have the habit of strapping on (which is a bad idea).

It is very important that everyone in a car/automobile to use the safety seat belt/harness (whenever available) as it will avoid in turning the individual as a projectile in case of such an heavy impact.

Prime minister of India Sri. Narendra Modi has expressed grief on the death of Mistry as,
"The untimely demise of Shri Cyrus Mistry is shocking. He was a promising business leader who believed in India’s economic prowess. His passing away is a big loss to the world of commerce and industry. Condolences to his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace."

Indeed it is a great loss to lose a businessman who was at his peak, at the age of 54. Rest in peace Cyrus Mistry, you will be remembered for your good contribution to the nation. Aum Shanthi.

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