4x4 Stunt goes Wrong: Accident. Police investigation in ON

Youngsters roll a Mahindra Thar while stunting

A video of youngsters doing stunts on the new-generation Mahindra Thar soft-top is going viral on the Internet from the past couple of days. The video is reportedly is captured at Gaddopur Pethia of Tajpur police station in Jharkhand, India. The youngsters were reportedly trying to re-create scenes from some Bhojpuri songs when the accident occured.

The video shows the Mahindra Thar soft-top with a few of teenagers onboard, while the driver starts making tight turns while accelerating hard tips over to its side. It is said that 6 or more youngsters in the vehicle sustained some serious injuries from the accident and were admitted to the hospital.

It is a soft-top model of the new generation Thar and the youngsters had probably removed the detachable roof for the stunt. Doing such stunts in a SUV can be very dangerous at the hands of an inexperienced driver and can seriously injure or even lead to fatalities to the occupants and nearby people. 


The accident was reported as on 15th August when the youngsters were celebrating India’s 75th Independence Day. It is also reported that almost all of in the occupants in the SUV were reportedly drunk and were partying at the spot before the incident. The video has become viral on many social media platforms and the police are in the process of investigation of the accident.


While the police are yet to officially comment on the accident's report, we may see action against these youngsters in the coming week.

People attempting stunts and failing, injuring themselves and at some extreme cases leading to fatally is fast becoming a commonplace across the country these days. Equipped with too little skill and too much enthusiasm, and the over-confidence that the modern machines provide equipped with the driving-aid/vehicle-electronics seem to be a major reason behind these accidents.

World over, young people tend to get involved with such accidents much more often than older and experienced generations and India is not an exception. It is important for the newbie's who have taken up driving / riding, that it is very important to understand the limits of themselves and their machines.

Building experience doesn't happen overnight and the stunts pulled by the professionals that we all see in the TV's and Internet are no exceptions. Everyone goes through a long duration of practice, incidents and takes time to hone the skills they master over years of effort.

Videos are used as evidence by the Police


Performing any kind of stunts on public roads / space is illegal and the violators can even end up in jail along with a huge fine and confiscation of the vehicles involved. If anyone wants to practice stunting or want to record videos, it should be done with professional help and on private property such as race tracks any motorsport academies that are available at various parts of the country. It is important to note that such stunts are extremely dangerous and can lead to such tragedies.

It is always good to think ahead of the consequences from such possible incidents and plan, take necessary safety action with professional help and most importantly DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Happy and safe motoring!

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