Noida Twin Towers reduced to Rubble in Seconds


Supertech's Twin Towers were reduced to rubble & dust in a few seconds as scheduled today by the demolishing expert company. Everything went to clockwork precision and there were no other major damages reported due to the demolition.

It took nearly 3500 kgs of explosive material to demolish the mega twin-towers of Noida in the heart of the housing society. As the residents fought a long battle with the builders and developers who had illegally built the twin towers adjacent to the residential towers, which was reportedly earmarked for a park.


After the case was favoured to the side of the petitioners by the Supreme court after more than a decade long fight to have it tore down. A lot of safety measures were taken before the d-day and it took only seconds to turn those monstrous buildings to rubble, however the cleanup is going to be one big task, dusty and dirty for a long time.

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