Volkswagen Motorsport exits WRC from 2017!

Four times consecutive world champions - Ogier, Ingrassia and Volkswagen Motorsports, Polo R WRC

In an absolute surprise (shocker!?) against what everybody were anticipating of the great battle for the title at the top level of rallying with the newer, more powerful cars in WRC from the upcoming season onwards, Volkswagen Motorsport breaks the hard news of exiting. With the new specification Polo R WRC car recently homologated(?), it was really a hard surprise for everyone following and cheering for WRC campaign.

The announcement explains their shift in horizon towards Electric Vehicles, which are posed to be the future of personal and mass mobility. With the Audi & Toyota brandishing their vehicles at WEC, and the newer Formula E on the news, the move by the VW's may not be shocking though! With this news, the future seats for the crew of VW is wide open for the upcoming and unconfirmed teams. 

2017 spec VW Polo R WRC during recent test.
MSport, Toyota, have a better bargain because of this, but for the sport, loosing a leading manufacturer is not a good news in any perspective. Hyundai and Citroen already have announced their driver-lineup, but however a reconsidering to inducting the 4-time world champion looking for a seat, might shake it up.

As confirmed by the VW Motorsports division, that newly developed car or the current spec will not be available for a customer program. So that leaves most of us wondering and disappointing to loose those super spectacular cars eating dust in their museum or at a car show!? The complete news release, here.

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