No rebranded Skoda WRC for 2017, based on VW Polo R WRC

No rebranded Skoda WRC for 2017, based on VW Polo R WRC


Skoda Motorsport CEO, Bernhard Maier has announced that there will be no Skoda branded WRC car from technology lifted from the fully developed & recently abandoned VolksWagen Polo R WRC. 

In the past couple of day, there was rumour that VW might enter into the top level WRC category, from its fully developed Polo R WRC under its sister brand Skoda. With the homologation process being still active for the developed car, it was natural to such speculations.

On a reply to this, Bernhard said, "It will not happen. We have enjoyed success in rallying and we are enjoying success in rallying, in the WRC2 category.

"We have a successful customer programme that doesn't cost us money and could earn us the championship, so why would I change that?

"Doing more is not always better - what would we bring ourselves in addition to what we are already achieving in rallying?

"A WRC2 championship is fine for Skoda - certainly it provides the best return on money invested, because it does not really cost us."

With this annoucement, it is likely that the 4-time championship winning car will disappear into the dust cloud of its own. A shame indeed!

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