Jan Kopecký Wins Croatia Rally + Seals ERC Driver's Title | ERC - 2013

Jan Kopecký won the Croatia Rally, and along with it, the season's ERC driver's title, and the co-driver's title to his navi Pavel Dresler. With just another two rounds to conclude the championship this year, with more than 100 points to Bryan Bouffier - the title is secured to the Czech.

Also a great news to Production class driver Andreas Aigner, with a strong second overall finish by taking maximum in his class, and securing the season's Production Cup Driver's title. Also he won the Colin McRae Flatout Trophy for the rally.

Aleks Humar won the 2WD win, while Zoltán Bessenyey takes a good score in second place finish and to a 73 point lead to nearest Kornél Lukács in the championship points. Szabolcs VARKONYI finished in third place.

Pic courtesy tweet@The_Rally_Guru
Asja Zupanc with a overall 11th place finish took the ladies class victory, while Molly Taylor settled for second place after finishing in 23rd overall, and Ekaterina Stratieva came close in third in a 27th overall finish.

The second place finish was sufficient for Molly Taylor & her co-driver gentleman Sebastien Marshall to secure the Ladies Trophy in the championship, who celebrated with a splash into the pool.

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