Dakar - 2013 | A Preview - Trucks

Dakar is perhaps might not properly understood or loved, if it was not any involvement of the trucks competition. Initially when the Paris-Dakar race started it was all about bikes and cars & the trucks just doing the job getting the needs of service and other logistics moved around. So these trucks too had to be raced from start to the finish of the stages in order to make the services available to the  competing crews and vehicles at the other end. To do so, it attracted more skilled driving crews to make it possible and a better machine, and not to forget to mention the cheering crowd that it pulled alone! And then there was a separate category formed and the competition begun.

Trucks is a category which is definitely the most spectacular, where the huge machines driven really hard, to make most of us to believe in insanity. This year, there are around 75 trucks, and competition list can be found here.

Prior the departure to Rally Dakar , "young" drivers of KAMAZ Master team was preparing and testing legendary trucks for the main competition of 2013 season. All tests and trainings was under the guidance of Vladimir Chagin in the KAMAZ facility and team's training center in Naberezhny Chelny

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