Hyundai i20 WRC - ADAC Tests | Yes! It is for real..

Hyundai's i20 WRC car has finally conducted a test in Europe for real. With all the initial hype and sudden disappearance from the rest of the world, and with a commitment to return in World Rally Championship in 2014. Not only that, but it also held a first test run outside its territory, i.e., in Europe.

So far Hyundai i20 WRC was exclusively produced in South Korea without any much details or news that was first unveiled in September, but they decided to make a overseas test run, in Europe, so landed into Germany for two days of and display at ADAC test center, near Frankfurt early last week.

Only a selected few journalists were invited to witness the event of i20 WRC show car. Work on the actual World Rally Car will be getting underway soon, with the company absolutely committed to starting at the 2014 WRC.

Hyundai will be announcing at the Geneva show in March of the upcoming major developments for the new i20 WRC, an effort not tried since 2003.

A spokesman from the firm says: "We wanted to keep the story moving. We realised there was nothing since Paris, which is why we wanted to organise everything to fly the car into Europe to show what we have done and the direction we are moving in. This is a way of showing our commitment to the World Rally Championship."

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