Rally RACC, Spain - 2012 | Day 2 - Update

Loeb took over the top of the mantle after the expected battle over the sealed surface stages that followed from the opening of Day 2. Ostberg who was the leader at the start of the day, went down to 5 position after too many issues with his car and hence losing time in the process. He was complaining of wrong tyre choice & a bad damper setup at the first half of the day, where he had an off on the second stage, the biggest loosing nearly 40s and also a small impact to the armco followed that lost almost the confidence that he had started the day.

Behind the leader, the Ford Ace, Latvala too encashed the opportunity wisely without much drama, and also posted an opening stage win of the day, and making good process later through. Mikko too kept his rhythm to the best and took the third overall after SS12. Ott Tanak had a brilliant drive, and he too bypassed Mads and took to the 4th overall at the final stage, after winning it at the end of the day. If this was the news about the well known regular boys, the newcomers Hans Weijs put up an applaudable in this first outing in a WRC car. He is sitting in overall 6th, though the gap is too big & also it was eventually given to him by the retiree's,.. well thats rally, when he held on the well-known's were falling off!!

The leaderboard after the end of Day 2 was as below,

1.1S. LOEBM3:16:
2.3J. LATVALAM3:16:41.1+27.0+27.0
3.2M. HIRVONENM3:17:28.2+47.1+1:14.1
4.5O. TÄNAKM3:17:42.9+14.7+1:28.8
5.10M. ØSTBERGM3:17:45.5+2.6+1:31.4
6.7H. WEIJSM3:25:17.0+7:31.5+9:02.9
7.22E. NOVIKOV3:29:39.2+4:22.2+13:25.1
8.23J. NIKARA3:29:53.2+14.0+13:39.1
9.12C. ATKINSON3:32:55.5+3:02.3+16:41.4
10.21M. PROKOP3:40:51.8+7:56.3+24:37.7

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