Grand Prix Of The Americas - Austin, Texas

After the much waited arena of the American battlefield on the Formula 1 - Grand Prix, Austin has gone the cowboy way to make it a winning success for the Brit's Lewis Hamilton. The track was really a pleasant to watch it from the earlier video of the under construction with the F1 car still managed to scorch the dusty tracks with style, the end result was nothing short but overwhelming (video featured here below).

It may not be the first track built for the pinnacle of car racing in the American soil, but it did definitely roar in success for the Austin's & the whole of the American Motorsport community to carry home a healthy smile on their faces.

The battle was nothing short of excellent performance by the teams & their star drivers who did leave nothing short of the enthralling experience, what the fans expected. Redbull star driver & two times World Champion driver put up an his skill to his limits, and so did the rest of the competition. The signature blinding crest over a corner was really something that demanded the utmost understanding of the track & it was there the race made the difference from the rest of the following lot.

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