TATA Motors Launched Tiago EV - The Most Affordable Electric Car for India

The mass adoption of electric cars in India, begins now!
Tata Motors launched Tiago EV prices starting at ₹8.49 lakhs (for the entry variant), while the top of the line charts off at ₹11.79 lakhs, ex-showroom.

A sub ₹10 lakhs entry level mass adoptable electric car is what was the most awaited in India. With the newly launched in the form of Tiago.ev, Tata Motors is expected to revolutionise the mass adoption initiative that was long pursued by the Indian Government.

Tata's new Tiago.ev is not only an affordable electric car, but is also loaded with features such as auto-rain sensing wipers, ABS, active ESP, and loads of technological features to give the user a safer ride as well as an experience to enjoy.

Interior layout of Tiago.ev is very modern, while the fit and finish reflects the quality of the material and skills used to built this compact hatchback.

The Tiago.ev comes nothing short of a looker, with its clear lines all around, uniformly spot-on panel gaps, etc. A Euro-NCAP 4 star rating makes the car safer amongst its rivals in Indian roads.

The attention for under-the-hood is equally impressive with well laid components that makes it easy to service and maintain.

A sub ₹10 lakhs entry level mass adoptable electric car with electric drive train also means, the sportiness comes as a default.

Tiago.ev comes with two battery capacities, 19.4 kWh in the base variants and 24 kWh in the top-variants with 250 km and 315 km claimed range per full charge. AC home charger is made available as an option, which would charged the battery at 7.2 kW max. power.

This home charger based charging translates to approximately 3-4 hours for 0-100%, depending on the battery capacity and acceptance by the battery management system (BMS, of the car battery). An overnight charging would be ideal when the battery's state-of-charge (which means energy left in the battery for usage) for the AC home-charger, which is also recommended for a regular charging for better battery health and hence longer-life-span.

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