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Is Sadhguru`s Health Okay?

We all know that Sri Sadhguru had spent 100 days on a motorcycle touring across the world to create awareness of degrading top soil condit...

We all know that Sri Sadhguru had spent 100 days on a motorcycle touring across the world to create awareness of degrading top soil condition, which is key & essential for all life form to thrive. However it is lesser known how much it took a toll on his health during this journey and the sheer will to do it without any slippage from his schedule of events that was lined up in the course of it.

A 100-day journey to save soil undertaken by Sadhguru was flagged off at the iconic Trafalgar Square in London.

Isha Foundation issued a press release, saying that Sadhguru has unveiled the ‘Conscious Planet’ movement to ‘Save Soil’ in a bid to reverse and halt soil degradation .

Embarking on a lone motorcycle journey of 30,000 kilometres, passing through the UK, Europe, the Middle East and India, Sadhguru will visit 27 nations over the next few months, where he will engage with world leaders, the media and leading experts across the globe to emphasize the urgent need for concerted action to Save Soil.

Below is a recently surfaced video, narrated by his dear daughter, Smt. Radhe Jaggi who also traveled alongside him in a car.

#SaveSoil movement was & is an initiative that most people believed and adopted for all good reasons for all. The movement highlighted the soil erosion and degrading top soil's bio-culture that is diminishing continuously from past few decades from unsustainable methods of agricultural practices and also due to rapid deforestation that was caused from population explosion.

The top-soil degradation has become an issue for any nations, as artificially added manufactured chemical fertilizers that almost wipes off all the pro bio-diversified micro-environment for the crop/tree/plant. Chemical fertilizers along with the insecticides & fungicides, has the effect that is proven to kill/ward-off the good and essential bio-culture.

The bio-culture means all the bacteria, insects, good fungi, etc, that used to help the crop maintain a healthy nutrition as a local ecology. Traditional farming methods adopt this method of maintaining the local-bio-cultural-ecology, however yielded lesser crop output. Due to increasing demand and/or greed of the farmer, the chemical farming methods took to the mainstream adoption across the world and it created even more damage to the environment, which is seen as an 'alarming rate' and could become irreversible if not adopted the change back to traditional organic farming methods.

One of the major highlights of traditional organic farming methods is to have plenty of trees to harness the right balance in the local soil health as well as to house the bio-diversity within. Save Soil movement is the second step of the Rally for Rivers or Cauvery Calling initiative to adopt and plant trees alongside the lands along river banks which was otherwise unable to stop the massive soil erosion.

Let us all take a pledge to plant at least one tree, every year till we live and thereby help ourselves and our future generations live a better quality of lives.

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