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What's up with Dakar Rally, 2021

New year with a new beginnings for the entire world going through rough times from 2020. This also has some serious infliction to the motors...

New year with a new beginnings for the entire world going through rough times from 2020. This also has some serious infliction to the motorsport, just like others. Despite all the odds, the real competition spirit has never swerved away & the new beginning rings in with the Dakar rally.

The 2021 Dakar Rally is all set for it's jump start from whether there would be any this year. Prologue is beginning in a few minutes today from 10:55 [GMT+3], and the rally-raid begin's it's competition from 3rd Jan, Sunday. The 13 day route, with a rest day half way mark before concluding back to the same start place at Jeddah on 15th January, Friday.

The rally will pass through the capital of Saudi Arabia on 6th January, Wednesday before pausing for a day of rest at Ha'il. Having 80-90% new stages for this year's 12 day competitive event of 4767 competitive kms, with a total of 7646kms in total running from start to finish, the rally has some serious sections, such as all dunes stages, two day marathon stages with little to no service backup, the penultimate that is told the toughest of all the days, etc as told by the Dakar official himself.

 Dakar director David Castera speaking to Autosport says: "We have changed all the routes, they are 80-90% new, and this was possible because Saudi Arabia offers many new places and areas where you can get to organise five Dakars without repeating stages.

"It is a very different route from last year. The first idea was to have more balance between the two weeks. In addition, we have worked so that there is a sporting interest until the end.

"The hardest stage of this Dakar is the 11th, which is something that some will not love. In the first week there are two or three difficult stages, but then there is another simpler one, with less distance, which allows you to breathe a little before the rest day.

"The rhythm is going to change so, so much between each stage. There are about 300 fewer kilometres than last year, but it is not the same if they are done flat out or are very technical, as will be the case this time.

"I'm sure that this Dakar is more difficult than last year's and in stages two and three we'll go directly into the dunes, in the open desert."

There are about 295 entries, a significant reduction from the last year's 342. A few new's that has been introduced, such as electronic road-books used by a tablet, and day's road-books delivered 10 minutes before the start of each stage for Cars, Truck & SSV's, and 20 minutes for motorbikes & quads.

This year also made it a wearable airbag-vests mandatory for riders in motorbikes & quads, this is after the Dakar with the help of FIM as the event last year witnessed the death of Paulo Goncalves and Edwin Straver.

The Dakar Classic is continued for the pre-2000 vehicles that has a shorter stages, although they too are run for the complete 12+1 days, including the marathon stage.

That's it for now, updates soon later!

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