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INRC, Rally of Jodhpur Takes a Premature Tragic End

Gaurav Gill's Mahindra XUV300 Rally Car One of the most awaited event on the calendar, ended up in a tragic accident at Barmer, Rajastha...

Gaurav Gill's Mahindra XUV300 Rally Car

One of the most awaited event on the calendar, ended up in a tragic accident at Barmer, Rajasthan. Rally of Jodhpur was the event, that witnessed a horrific accident which claimed three lives, including a minor, who were killed on the spot. 

The incident took place on the opening stage of the rally, when a local with his wife and kid entered the rally stage in the opposite direction of the stage and crashed head-on with the rally car right after a high speed corner. Ace rally driver Gaurav Gill's was behind the wheel of the rally car, when the motorcycle laden ill-fated couple (along with their young kid) happened to be riding on the middle of the road, in opposite direction of the rally race.

Gill, who became the first motorsport driver to be conferred the Arjuna Award earlier this year, also sustained injuries in his ribs and is facing respiratory problems due from the crash. during the Maxperience Rally of Jodhpur, Round 3 of the FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship (INRC). He has been kept under observation but is learnt to be out of danger.

"Gaurav's was the first car on Stage 1. He was driving at a speed of 145kmph while taking a sharp left turn and within 5m-10m, collided with the motorcycle, which was right in the middle of the road," said Vamsi Merla, promoter of INRC. "Gaurav tried his best to pull the brakes but because of the speed, he was unable to do anything."

Crashed XUV300

The INRC promoter alleged that despite repeated warnings highlighting the closure of the road during competition, the villagers broke the barricades put in place.

"We had been giving warning about the road closure to the villagers for the past 15 days. There were field marshals but one of the deceased (Narendra) argued with them and when the marshals were looking away, the man broke the barricade and entered the track," he said.

"It was an unfortunate incident that took place despite all the safety measures being in place," J Prithiviraj, president of FMSCI said.

"We extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved family. The entire motorsports fraternity stands with them in their grief," he added.

The deceased Narendra, his wife Pushpa, and their young son Jitendra were killed on the spot. The rally was called off after the incident. 

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