Final Round of INRC ~ Coffee Day Rally of Chikmagalur - 2013

The finale to the 2013 season's Indian National Rally Championship [INRC], kick-starts tomorrow. It is also a APRC's Asia Cup contender event, and the delegates from the FIA will be supervising the course of conduct of the entire rally.
Opening day witnesses with the SSS at Amber Valley Residential School, Chikmagalur and the next two days the event moves over the terrains of the coffee plantations. The total Special Stage distance of the rally will be 113.50 km and liaison distance would be 171.20 km. For the first time in many years, the event has moved inwards the lush green forest lined and over a well prepared, yet narrow mud roads through the coffee land.
Mr. Venkatesh, Director, Coffee Day Hotels and Resorts, said "The Coffee Day Rally has become a tradition and year after year people from all over the country arrive in Chikmagalur to witness world class rally drivers compete against one another in demanding conditions. This year too we expect over 7000 spectators to be present for the rally. At Coffee Day we are very passionate about motorsports and hope to see India become a force to reckon with in the international circuit in the next few years. This year, for the first time, the Coffee Day Championship Rally – 2013 will run in four Coffee Day estates spread over 2500 acres namely Chetanahalli, Kumaragode, Chandrapore and Jagrimane."
The event has received a good 42 car entry, and both the manufacturers, Volkswagen & Mahindra along with a host of privateers along with the sole Evo X, will be fighting for the honors, albeit in a different category. Complete entry list here, and the revised itinerary can be downloaded/viewed at this link.

'Auto Track magazine' will be broadcasting the event video highlights, at the end of the day at their website.

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