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Mikko's Tragedy, Sebastien's Parody | Ogier Wins Rally Australia, WRC - 2013

Sebastien Ogier wins Rally Australia , but looses the crown due to Mikko 's misfortune! The Citroen driver started off the day wi...

Sebastien Ogier wins Rally Australia, but looses the crown due to Mikko's misfortune! The Citroen driver started off the day with the opening stage victory, and the rest was claimed by the Frenchman

Top three places were at the safe-keeping with Ogier, Mikko and Thierry Neuville, respectively - until a puncture to Mikko's rear left costed him his second place to the Fiesta RS driver and slipped to third place on the podium.

So, in the final showdown of Rally Australia, the Frenchman was in the verge of claiming his maiden crown for driver's championship and looses due to a single point - all because, Mikko Hirvonen lost his second place in the final stage [Power Stage]. Wondering how? Read on!

Coming down to the points mathematics, all it counts on who makes the most points at the end of the season. And any possibility of the nearest competitors to challenge it, with any feasible permutation and combination  that is achievable, will leave the title-race open. And that is what exactly happened here!
  1. Ogier has so far accumulated a total of 212 points so-far in the championship, including Rally Australia's victory.
  2. Neuville has 129 points after finishing second here at Rally Australia, after gaining an additional two points [i,e., 20 for second place, instead of 18 from third] in finishing second overall due to Mikko's slip.
  3. And in an any weird possiblity that Ogier doesn't score any points in the rest of the three rounds and Neuville manages to bag the maximum points from all the three rallies, i,e., 3 x (25+3) = 84 points, then he will total to a maximum of 213 points. Voila!! there it is, the Belgian is the champion!!
  4. And, if Ogier manages just 2 points in any of the upcoming rallies, he will be the undisputed champion regardless of who scores what!
I know, I know... that above third point was not too realistic to even imagine to Ogier not finishing any points hereafter this season whatsoever! But this is world of rallying, and with none with the power to predict the future - we never know!!

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