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Dakar - 2013 | Stage 7, Day 7 - [Calama-Salta]

Route Map - Cars / Trucks Route Map - Bikes / Quads Seventh day of Dakar '13 has dawned, and the Stage 7 awaits the endured ...

Route Map - Cars / Trucks
Route Map - Bikes / Quads
Seventh day of Dakar '13 has dawned, and the Stage 7 awaits the endured competitors who have made their way this far. The route is almost common for all the categories, with only a different Parc Ferme for Bikes/Quads, which is little west of Salta and a little longer transport compared to the other two categories. Cars and trucks will head to Salta where they will halt for the night.

Stage 7 - Profile for Bikes / Quads, as well as Cars / Trucks
The highlight of the day, is the long running in length of 803 kms for Bikes & Quads, while a shorter 751 kms for Cars & Trucks. Day's action is set on a higher altitudes, which means thinner air pressure and lack of oxygen, both for humans and machines alike. The trucker's did have an advantage, where they were able to haul oxygen cylinders and masks for the onboard crew, but it was all-natural for the bike/quad riders. The stage is almost flat, with some climbs and a steeper descent near towards end of the stage.

Bikes / Quads

Bikers & Quad riders
Day 7 started with a long 418 kms of transport section before the action begun on the competitive stage of 218 kms of dirt/gravel for the first 136 kms and the later part with rock ridden route. American, Kurt Caselli did a fastest time and won the stage, while the rally leader Frenchman, Olivier Pain, finished second. Chilean rider Francesco Lopez finished third fastest. [However, there was bad news in the bikers, as another French rider Thomas Bourgin was killed in an head-on collision with a police car in the transport section before the stage start. May his soul rest in peace.]

Chilean, Sebastien Palma took the Quads stage win, 34s ahead of overall leader Marcos Patronelli. South African, Sarel Van Biljon [277] finished third quickest. Casale still in overall second, and Polish rider Rafal Sonik is overall third.

Cars / Trucks

Stephane Peterhansel
Peterhansel won the stage for Cars, also keeps the overall lead from Nasser Al-attiyah. By a tiny margin of 39s, came second Guerlain Chicherit and with over a minute Robby Gordon finished third in stage, while South African, Giniel De-villiers still hooks to the third overall.

Gerard De Rooy continues to dominate the Trucks category in his Iveco, Czech [Tatra] driver Ales Loprais came 2nd fastest, while Russian and Kamaz driver Karginov has finished third quickest. De Rooy is still the rally leader, Eduard Nikolaev second, and Martin Kolomy third placed overall.

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