Dakar - 2013 | Stage 10, Day 11 - [Cordoba-LaRioja]

Day 11, Stage 10:

Eleventh day into the marathon Dakar Rally, action started at Cordoba and ended in La-Rioja, Argentina. Two different route-maps for the first half of the continous special stage, each for bikes/quads and cars/trucks, which later merges together midway. The distance covered by all categories is now even , maybe with a very little difference, almost negligible. With just 5 days left, yesterday's affected lot are the ones, who would try to all-out to gain as much advantage as possible, but with caution.

Bikes / Quads:

The day's itinerary starts with 37 km of transport, 357 km of Special ends with another 242 km of last transport to La-Rioja service park.
Joan Barreda Bort

Yamaha rider, David Casteu is the one who would be really gutted with his yesterday's mishaps which both costed him time and some injuries that would haunt the rest of this year's Dakar, with his retirement last stage. Cyril Despres, however is the one who is the most controlled attitude and focussed athlete on the bikes who snatched the overall lead, although the Portugal rider, Joan Barreda Bort won today's stage.
Marcos Patronelli

Countryman, Argentinian Marcos Patronelli, is the leader of the rally, eases off the stage to conserve his machine and himself onto undue incidents and finishes in 7th. Lukasz Laskawiec wins the stage with over 7mins to the rally leader.

Cars / Trucks:

Itinerary for Day 11, starts 38 km of transport, 353 km of Special ends with another 242 km of last transport to La-Rioja service park.

Guerlain Chicherit
BMW driver Orlando Terranova, wins the stage, Mini All4 Racing driver Nani Roma takes second and Peterhansel comforts in 3rd. Peter though takes the overall lead, by 52m38s to Toyota Hilux driver Giniel De Villiers.

Kamaz driver Karginov won the stage, while Gerard De Rooy finished in 7th in stage and is 4th more than an hour down the rally leader, another Kamaz driver Eduard Nikoleav.

Iveco driver Gerard's chances of winning the Dakar are rather slim, unless the top 3 have similar issues or loose enough time for him to reclaim his lost position.

Another 4 days of action is going to become more intense as it nears to the podium, and this is where the nail-biting action returns! Stay hooked!

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