Ratan TATA steps down at 75, offers his seat to Cyrus Mistry

 Mr.Ratan Tata retired as a chairman of Tata Group, today.

It is also his 75th birthday, marking the day by stepping down from the throne of one the biggest empire of legacy of locomotive, automobile, textiles, tea, and much more diversified group of companies. Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, who has now took over the reigns, who chose to travel in a Tata Manza to his new workseat. According to 'The Hindu' newspaper, narrow lanes leading to 'Bombay House' is witnessing heavy presence of media since morning in anticipation of Ratan Tata, who is reportedly in Pune.

Bombay House has been the headquarters for the multi-billion-national conglomerate, Tata Group, since 1924. Cyrus Mistry is the youngest son of the construction tycoon Pallonji Mistry, who also heads their  company as a Chairman. It was in late 2011, that Mr.Ratan Tata announced Cyrus Mistry as his successor, as he had been searching for a suitable successor for a while.

Cyrus, is basically an Irish citizen since 2003, as he had to give up his 'dual citizenship - which is not allowed by Indian Law'. He is in his mid-40's, married and have two sons who are at school going age. Mostly a family oriented person, other than his work and loves to spend time reading books or at home, rather than attending cock-tail parties. Cyrus is said to be good in golf, as many of the multi-billionaire's as hobby & likes big SUV's.

We wish him a best of luck & all the good wishes to get the company heading in the right directions like, Mr.Ratan Tata had done in his last 21years at the great company the whole of country adores & is proud of!

Mr.Ratan Tata, Happy birthday Sir! Wish you a very happy retirement life ahead.. we will remember your contribution and you as a person for remaining part of our lives!!

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