Loeb strikes again! WRC - 2012 | Rallye de France | Day 2

Is there anybody who can really challenge & put Loeb at bay!? I seriously doubt it :/

Sebastien Loeb has extended his lead by over 13s by the end of Day 2 at the end of SS8, and still leading by 30s after SS10. It is universally accepted fact that he is going to snatch the 9th title & the world remains calm. No wonder, he/Citroen has announced his end of full attack at the finish of this season onwards in WRC. He is simply untouchable, & we always wonder/ponder the positives of him which makes him what he is?!

If we count on the pluses, some of it can be listed here. Say,

  1. Keeping the Cool throughout the rally,
  2. Maintaining consistence in his best self known performance level,
  3. Close knit with the team principle/principal.
Anything more missed here, Mr.Loeb?! :)

Overall leaderboard, at the end of SS10..
1.1S. LOEBM1:51:
2.3J. LATVALAM1:52:23.8+33.2+33.2
3.2M. HIRVONENM1:52:34.6+10.8+44.0
4.37D. SORDO
5.8T. NEUVILLEM1:53:08.4+3.1+1:17.8

Petter Solberg had gone off into vineyard in SS9 and hitting an electric pole, here is the video of it. Hope nobody is injured in this freak accident.

However, Nasser al-Attiyah wasn't lucky either, who looses control of his car, goes off the road & hits two spectators, and in the process breaking limbs of those two.

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Day 1 : Highlights

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