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FIA WRC | Season 2013 | Back to Square One!

Season 2013 looks duller, as the news spread the paddocks of the WRC teams, with the announcement of both the two major manufacturer'...

Season 2013 looks duller, as the news spread the paddocks of the WRC teams, with the announcement of both the two major manufacturer's exit from the contest from season 2013, the situation seems to be where it had all started.

So this officially leaves just two manufacturer's to fight for the title, also with Citroen's entry only after thoughtful and co-sponsored from Abu Dhabi, they too confirmed. And with Loeb's exit, the driver's title winner looks almost certain! Despite this tough times, the two manufacturers' constructors', Prodrive & M-Sport have shown keen interest to keep their business going for & with the privateer teams, despite the lack of major contribution from the manufacturers. However BMW have shown committment for the development of engine going, which will in-turn benefit Prodrive & the customer teams till the homologation ends in 2018. M-Sport has pledged to continue participating as a independent outfit, with support to its customers in this league & others.

I was quite sure about the Mini's exit! Ever since the opening round of this season in Monte, things were pretty suspicious, starting with the driver's line up itself. But after they ousted even Daniel Sordo for few rounds and handing over the keys to the lesser mortals, actually hinted what was about to come. However, in the case of Ford, atleast they could have hold onto the coming season, as Loeb had decided to take a break. But they didn't! Why? Did they see the competition revving at the VW stable with the other Seb? Hmm, could be! Also they had lost their Mr.Consistent driver to the rival after last season, and the existing two turning not very successful. It looks like a wise decision made to safeguard the draining funds without expected results, especially in the current global financial conditions.

For sure, the economic conditions in Europe is yet to recover from the turmoil after the crunch, which is self explanatory of the decision by these two biggies. Hyundai's effort & committment in 2014 season, (& onwards?) looks okayish, but again then its still going to be a trio fight (again if Citroen stays)... I know thinking too much into future will makes it dull & scary, so lets leave it to the time to tell the tale!! Hope things get better!

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