Wales Rally GB : Recce Begins!

Wales Rally GB : Recce Begins!

The reconnaissance or simply recce begins for the Wales Rally GB for the weekend. Its going to be muddy and interesting... only if it rains!! But since the rally is moved up before the rains settle, it may not be so dramatic in this season, compared to last year's rally.

The rally stages are lined up on the forest roads that are rich in flora and fauna and will be as scenic as it used to be in the past. Also, there is a notification by the organisers about the fatal tree disease that is on the rampant in the forest and some special care has to be taken care of it spreading beyond the contained area. The disease is said to have not affecting people and animals, but is really threatening to the fauna.

Hence, as a precautionary measures, the rally organisers have notified that the cars or vehicles used to get to and from there has to be washed thoroughly as soon as possible, and also if possible in the immediate exit of the forests. Same goes to the clothes worn by the folks been there, also their pets and stuff they carried along and back. 

All these beautiful photos are taken by McKlein photography. As we can see, the stages are mostly bone dry, maybe a bit of damp patches below the trees and near the streams otherwise it is bone stock dry!

McKlein team have done their recce previously to the competitors to identify the locations to do their job, which they do at its best! i.e., Photography!

Here is the location at which Micheal 'Beef' Park had his last few minutes in the fatal collision against a tree. Later, fans and his close ones have put up a memorial plaque on this very same tree in his memory.

[All pictures courtesy McKlein]

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Here is also a video of the 20yr old Tom Cave, who would be driving for Proton Motorsports, in the Proton Satria S2000 interviewed by Colin for NLP.

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