Red Bull Signature Series : FULL TV EPISODES

Red Bull Signature Series : 

  Hare Scramble 2012 :

This is definitely a celebrated race marathon for off-road motorcycle riders. 2012 edition of the International Hare Scramble held at Erzberg, Austria  is just one of a kind event.  It is here where the event is held in an active mining area, which will be just closed for the event to be held. Over 15,000 riders take part in the qualification in which only 500 riders make it to the race and 10 starts of 50 riders each take the stage which is marked regularly with blue direction markers placed strategically. What it takes to make it to the event, just go through this stunning video.

Red Bull Signature Series :

  X-Fighters World Tour 2012 Madrid

In the historical bull ring of the city of Madrid, Spain - the exciting, extreme of extreme riding, the X-fighters' world entourage was presented to the ever cheering crowd. It was filled with wild maneuvers by the super-experienced riders across the planet.

Finally it was the New-Zealander Levi Sherwood who won the event with a narrow margin against the local boy Dany Torres. Enjoy the video of the event below.

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