Leg 2 - WRC 2012, Wales Rally GB | Latvala extends Lead..

In an epic battle to the top of the podium, after a very long time Ford boys and Ford themselves seems to have cracked the spot.. Latvala and Solberg have stuck to the first & second position and have managed to have kept the long time champ at an arms length. Loeb is not far behind Solberg with just over 6secs and has the potential to overcome the final terms, however, Petter has his share of last minute mishaps in his kitty bag. Hope he manages to keep it the way it is, till the end which he always desires to. Loeb doesn't look too keen to go for the hunt as he knows that keeping the cool is it what it makes a champion & he is bloody sure how it has to be done, I guess & also pretty sure he does!! His team-mate Mikko Hirvonen is down in 5th & still seems like he is learning the car rather than competitive. Mads Ostberg is on 4th, being on the privateer is really great thing to do.

The day ending looked much like this on the scoreboard.

Overall Results at the End of Leg 2 [SS13]

1.3J. LATVALAM2:18:
2.4P. SOLBERGM2:18:29.8+24.5+24.5
3.1S. LOEBM2:18:36.2+6.4+30.9
4.10M. ØSTBERGM2:18:55.2+19.0+49.9
5.2M. HIRVONENM2:19:27.7+32.5+1:22.4

With another six stages on the final day [3], it is going to be really exciting to watch & speculate who will get to the top honours at the Welsh rally round the season. 

The best of rally live, by Michelin!

Day 2 - Official Broadcast Video

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