K1000 - 2012 | Recce Report.. [2]


Markers notation:

Green Dot marker. Stage Start
Red Dot marker. Stage Finish
Pink Dot marker. Service Park

marker B. SS2. Flying finish [village] 
marker C. Saddahalli
marker D. Palicherlu
marker E. Dogaranayakanahalli
Orange track. Possible spectator routes on gravel roads,
Yellow & Pink transport section to SS

Distance between markers
A to B = 1.5kms
B to C = 0.9kms
C to D = 3.5kms
D to E = 5.0kms

A to 1 = 2.6kms
1 to 2 = 1.8kms
2 to 3 = 1.2kms
3 to 3a = 0.5kms

GPS Coordinates of  Point A  : Lat=13.4630765 & Lon=77.860989

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