WRC NORF 2012 : Update - Recce Day [-1]

Most of the top drivers/co-drivers have almost finished with their Reconnaissance or 'Recce' [as it is usually called by the Rallying community] and filling up those pages full of scribbles.

Novikov had his surprise this time as one of his fans presented him with a tree stump to get autographed... really, really crazy Finn's eh?! Well it was the same stump of a tree on to which Evgeny crashed his C4 WRC in 2009 NORF which ended his rally then! How much more dramatic & nostalgic can it get anyway? Pretty funny too, isn't it?!

With just a day before to the opening of the Gravel GP & its already pouring at the service park / HQ. The pace-notes prepared for the rally may affect due to weather changes, and always wonder how the competitors do it.

The pictures featured here [courtesy] WRC Clothing are from the official Facebook page for buying the official clothing line of WRC. The shop is setup at the service park / Rally HQ area for those interested to get hold those exclusive merchandise, it is an wonderful opportunity.

Hope the stages are not going to be slushy like it happened at Portugal early this year. Normally it is dry weather in Rally Finland, and there were some rains in the past for a few times.

Rains stopped later though, sky  cleared and sun was shone. Hope this short spell of rains helps both for fans and competitors to enjoy their outing, as it will be less dusty for the fans and little grippy [minus standing water] over the loose surface helping drivers to tackle those winding undulating fast gravel roads. 

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