Nitro Circus in 3D : Premiere's August 8th, 2012

Nitro Circus in 3D : Premiere's August 8th, 2012

Broken bones, twisted ankles, plated collar bones, crushed ribs... is that enough or do you guys need more!!!

Because, its the wacky & crazy man on the showdown again.
  None other than the mad man Travis Pastrana!
I don't know who is the cracked head who came up with this wonderful idea of making such a series of movies, but its AWESOME!! We had seen this amazing humanoid... yes, I too think he is! Otherwise who would like to break their bones over and over and over... damn!! Ok, coming to the little history of him, he jumped his MX/SX bikes like nobody ever before, took on jumping, racing & crashing cars.. now a school bus?! Oh my!! Don't know what you guys think about him or this series, please do leave a reply!

Below is his latest [am sure 'blockbuster'], and its going 3D this time! Fortunately/unfortunately its only releasing in American soil..

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