Nissan DeltaWing Racing Car @ Le Mans 2012

In this year's LeMans 24hr Race, we had an wonderful opportunity to see what the innovation at the automotive industry is at the extremity for the racing world. LeMans by itself is a character of its own kind, a bench mark of automotive competition, it provides a real time test bench to the competitors to test their machines against one another.

It was no less for Nissan who were way too ahead amongst others in their futuristic looking DeltaWing Racing Car, which purely and surely looks like it has emerged out of a Concept!

Deltawing was no eyesore to watch this beauty of a machine racing on the track in competition @ LeMans! The Race results too was pretty interesting at the end. However the Hybrid Electrics from Audi surely sweeped the podium, Nissan did gave its competition of what can be expected in the future of racing, especially Formula 1 series, where the manufacturers are against the newly to-be formed 1.6T engine implications in the existing 2.4NA, V8 engines.

DeltaWing concept is a design by Ben Bowlby, combined with Highcroft Racing who combined with financial backing by Chip Ganassi, of Chip Ganassi Racing. Their idea was to create a racing car with half the weight, half the engine size, half the fuel consumption, and half the tire wear with respect to any series LeMans Racing car! It is therefore this car was not put into any Class as it was very different to others.

The name itself is self-explanatory of the looks of the car, a Delta Wing shaped body, which is capable of doing speeds at straights as well through the corners with minimal drag. The front and rear wings are also absent as the much needed downforce is achieved in the underbody design. Only a prominent fin is visible at center of the rear end of car. LeMans is based on twin cockpit design, so a pseudo cockpit is featured too! Overall it was an extraordinary effort put by the american team to compete in the world's high level racing and making it in a 'all new conceptual design car'. Qudos to them!

Here is a video of the launch of the car in mid March this year, months before its debut in LeMans this year. Take a look!

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