Over 120 dead in a Football Match Stampede/Riots in Indonesia

In a stampede at a domestic football match in eastern Indonesia led to at least 129 deaths late on Saturday evening. Yesterday's tragedy being what is called as one of the worst football stadium tragedies, took a huge toll on human lives that resulted due to sports fanaticism in the history of stadium deaths.

Place: Kanjuruhan Stadium, City of Malang in East Java, Indonesia.


After the Arema football club lost 3-2 against Persebaya Surabaya, dozens of fans rushed the field at Kanjuruhan Stadium, which is Arema’s home. The first loss in more than two decades had their bitter rivalry that went haywire, and it is when the police entered the playground and fired tear-gas shells. 

Hundreds of people in the stadium then ran towards one of many exit-gates that resulted in the stampede, which took to the massive toll. Many victims were trampled to death as a result of the stampede, including two police officers.

Police issued a statement that they persuaded the crowd to return to the stands, but then when two officers were killed they resorted to shelling tear-gas shells. This resulted in further worsening of the situation that took too many civilians into the death toll. Among the dead, 34 were died in the stadium, while remaining at the hospital and while being transported for medical care.

Torched and vandalised police vehicles were seen littered on Sunday morning explained the extent of the fanaticism that ensued even after so many deaths.

Indonesian government issued a public apology and said they will look into the incident seriously and banned any further matches for another one week. 

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