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Hurricane Ian Ravishes onto the Central American Landmass

Track of Hurricane Ian Formed on September 23, 2022 near equator & southern tip of North Atlantic Ocean, and spelled disaster until diss...

Track of Hurricane Ian
Formed on September 23, 2022 near equator & southern tip of North Atlantic Ocean, and spelled disaster until dissipated on the landmass of North October 2, 2022 it created great havoc when it entered the landmass(es).

After briefly missing a major landmass entry in Venezuela an early and low-intensity scale, the Cuba was hit the first to witness a Category 3 Hurricane, that left about 2 million in the darkness after wiping out the electrical grid network and claiming 3 lives.

Buildings and structures on the West Coastline of Florida witnessed maximum damage

The intensity was weakened by the time it exited the landmass of Cuba, however once back onto the Gulf of Mexico it grew its intensity to a Category 4 Hurricane force when it again made the landmass entry over Florida where much devastating forces were unleashed that made it one of the deadliest in recent history claiming 82 lives and wiping out nearly everything on its path.

Water swell over 15 feet at many places near the shore and swept away wooden buildings, cars, boats, and everything that came loose. Nearing exit path from the landmass of Florida, again the intensity had fallen, but again regained before making another last land mass entry into South Carolina, before dying near Charlotte of North Carolina.

The death toll from Hurricane Ian climbed past 80 on Sunday as embattled residents in Florida and the Carolinas faced a recovery expected to cost tens of billions of dollars, and some officials faced criticism over their response to the storm.

The death toll was expected to keep rising as floodwaters receded and search teams pushed farther into areas initially cut off from the outside world. Hundreds of people have been rescued as emergency workers sifted through homes and buildings inundated with water or completely washed away.

At least 85 storm-related deaths have been confirmed since Ian crashed ashore Florida's Gulf Coast with catastrophic force on Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour (240 km per hour).

Florida accounted for all but four of the fatalities, with 42 tallied by the sheriff's office in coastal Lee County, which bore the brunt of the storm when it made landfall, and 39 other deaths reported by officials in four neighboring counties.

Cecil Pendergrass, chairman of the county's board of commissioners, said on Sunday that once the county was forecast to be in the cone, or the probable track of the hurricane's center, evacuation orders were given. Even then, some people chose to ride the storm out, Pendergrass said.

"I respect their choices," he said at a press conference. "But I'm sure a lot of them regret it now."

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