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World Heart Day - 29 September 2022

Pic courtesy Advancells@twitter On the occasion of World Heart Day , 2022, today being the Chaturthi of the Mahanavami of Dasara festive sea...

Pic courtesy Advancells@twitter

On the occasion of World Heart Day, 2022, today being the Chaturthi of the Mahanavami of Dasara festive season, let us take a look into our heart's health.

Heart's health and it's condition is long known to be mostly affair with the lifestyle one follows. Eating right, exercising and thus sweating is essential for maintaining a sound & healthy body. Living & working environment plays a vital role of the overall health including the heart, and most importantly is to sleep in an adequately clean environment.

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However, with bad lifestyle & choice of exploring the intoxicants certainly lead to a deteriorating health of the never stopping organ, our beloved heart. Smoking and chewing tobacco, over-consumption of alcohol in all times, indulging in food with high levels of LDL (Low-Density Lipo-protien) also known as bad cholesterol is a type of fat that affects the blood circulation within the heart and the entire body.

Eating right would count in for sufficient amounts of fruit in the early half of the day to power up the day with essential natural sugars as energy packets. With a healthy portion of local and seasonal fresh veggie salad in the noon with topping up of sufficient fiber infused carbohydrate-diet for the mid-day lunch. An early and light dinner, preferably before sunset and a early bed-time in tune with the sun-cycle certainly helps lead a healthy lifestyle.

Herbs, spices (masala) in the right quantities will help maintain a perfect balance of the minerals and vitamins along with the vegetables & fruits. Non-vegetarians could probably control the intake quantity, occasion and frequency according to their body's needs, as the vegetarian portions would definitely fulfill all the basic needs of a healthy survival.

Minimising the dairy (over) dependency for food will help for sure, but certain dairy products such as Ghee (clarified butter), Buttermilk & small amounts of Curd are found helpful traditionally for millenniums.

Practicing the traditional methods of food and lifestyle would help a majority of the lot who are suffering from diseases & ailments, as the evolutionary methods employed in the making of those traditions were to build a culture of health and prosperity.

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