Indian Rally Championship - FMSCI Announces 2016 Season Calendar

Indian Rally Championship - FMSCI Announces 2016 Season Calendar

The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India and Ramakrishna Race Performance Management has revealed the 2016 rally season calendar. First round of Indian Rally Championship (IRC) and Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) will be kicked off in Coimbatore on 23rd of July. Along with that Indian National TSD Rally Championship  events have also been scheduled across India. 

Kolkata based, RRPM is the new promoter for IRC and INRC this year. Led by Arindam Ghosh, RRPM have successfully managed to bring in key sponsors for the championship. MRF has joined the championship after 5 years, Mahindra Adventure, Polaris and Kolkata based Pincon are the sponsor for this season. This should bring more support and stability to the championship. As rallying always lacked proper backing in a last few years, this should give a boost to Indian rallying scene.

FMSCI President Zayn Khan said, "IRC and INRC have suffered over the last three years for the lack of promotion, which means there are less events coming into the sport, and less money coming into the sport; but now with a promoter, you not only get a little bit of money coming in, you also get a lot more publicity, which in turn churns up more sponsors into the sport." He further said that, its good to have support of sponsors as it brings descent funding which in turn improves the quality of the championship. 

This year one round of IRC and INRC will be held in capital city Delhi. Its expected to give more exposure to Indian rally by attracting more crowd to the event. Another thing to watch out for is the final round of championship as well as Asia Pacific Rally Championship will be held in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

2016 INRC/IRC Venue and Dates

1. Coimbatore: July 23-24
2. Nashik: August 27-28
3. Gurgaon: September 17-18
4. Bangalore: November 26-27
5. Chikmagalur: December 3-5

2016 Indian National TSD Rally Championship Venue and Dates:

1. Jaipur: August 12-13
2. Jaipur: August 13-14

1. Haldia: August 20-21
2. Duragapur: September 3-4

1. Bangalore: September - 10-11
2. Hubli: September 24-25

1. Nashik: November 12-13
2. Goa: November 19-20

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