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DMACK Demands M-Sports Works Team Tie Up Or Else Tanak/Evans Duo For 2017

DMACK has demanded M-Sports works team deal for next season. That means M-Sports should cut the deal with Michelin. If its not possible,...

DMACK has demanded M-Sports works team deal for next season. That means M-Sports should cut the deal with Michelin. If its not possible, DMACK will expand their team to two cars. That means along with Ott Tanak, DMACK wants Elfyn Evans in the team. Evans has already committed to DMACK in British Rally Championship, so it will be no surprise if he gets a WRC offer.

DMACK Managing Director - Dick Cormack
After DMACK's strong performance in Rally Poland this month and achieving the best ever result with Ott Tanak, DMACK managing director Dick Cormack wants to move up the ladder and wants to further develop his company. 

Dick Cormack said, "We're chasing an agreement with M-Sport. The target was next year, but if we can't manage that then we're definitely looking to the following season. If we're not on the factory cars next year then we run one or two cars in the whole championship."

Dick Cormack wants to retain Ott Tanak for next season and also Elfyn Evans who drives for DMACK squad in BRC. So there are high possibilities of  DMACK and M-Sports reuniting to form one strong team. Cormack further said, "We think the two of them would make a very strong team. They are likely to be talking to people and if we can't get them then there are others out there. Not many, mind. We need a driver to come in and show the pace straight away. I don't think there are many drivers quicker than Tanak in the service park. Granted, you might not always get a finish, but he's very, very fast. That's one of the reasons we're looking at two cars. We were running fifth in the championship, but we've had a couple of DNFs and we're down in 10th. If we had two cars, we're not so reliant on one always getting a result."

DMACK is developing in a rapid rate. Production of rally tyres has now moved from China to UK. Also they are looking for their own factory in Cumbria. Or else a £225million collaboration with Melksham based Cooper Tires. Cormack said, "We're looking at feasibility studies for everything right now, It could be an independent facility for us in Cumbria or a joint venture with Cooper. We're about three months from a decision, but a partnership really makes sense - there's no conflict in our products and we'd complement each other well."

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