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Ever Fancied Co-Driving For A WRC Driver? Read on, if YES!

Group F BMW 325i in Neste Oil Rally Finland - 2007 This opportunity is for those ' Been a rally fan for long & always wante...

Group F BMW 325i in Neste Oil Rally Finland - 2007

This opportunity is for those 'Been a rally fan for long & always wanted to get inside the Rally Car', who only dreamt or still dream to be a co-driver for a WRC grade driver, (who drove a Ford Focus WRC prepared by M-Sport, roughly about a decade back). And the driver's name is Antony Warmbold!

To put things clear & straight, you don't get to co-drive in a REAL-rally-event, just with the title of being a 'Rally FAN' or even a 'Rookie Codriver', let alone for a WRC-cadre pilot!

Now to the next obvious question. Who is 'Antony Warmbold'?

Let us allow to introduce himself here!

Antony Warmbold
My name is Antony Warmbold and I want to give back to the sport I love – Rallying! The result is a wonderful opportunity for our lucky winner. I competed as a rally driver in the World Rally Championship in 2003, 2004 and 2005. I got my start in rallying as a co-driver to my father Achim Warmbold, who originally drove with none other than the head of the FIA and former Ferrari team Principal Jean Todt as one of his co-drivers.

I have a desire to pass on the knowledge acquired from my experiences in
the European and World Rally Championships. I passionately believe Motorsport fans should get the opportunity to experience rally sport up close and personal.

What a wonderful concept isn't it! Now let us move towards the business end of it.

How does it work?

Gemma Price codriving for Antony
They will raise some of the funds to finance the project through crowd funding. 21.000 € is the target. As the first part of this competition – each backer (who wishes to enter the selection process) will have to write a short e-mail explaining to me why he/she would be an ideal candidate (max 150 words, see below for address). The minimum donation amount is 10€ and that entitles you to enter the selection competition.

Yes, 10€ and you or someone like you could be in it! Though it is not like, you pay the meager amount and you 'will' get a drive. But it has a selection process to get there, & yeah, a little bit of luck won't do any damage!

Once the project is underway (i.e., successfully funded), everyone will be able to follow the program via the blog, Facebook and a dedicated public YouTube channel.

Now let's understand the process.

Eligibility Criteria, Who can apply?

Antony Warmbold in a Rally Car!
The project is open for anyone who has a car driver’s license, and should be a project backer (as simple as

In order to take part in the rally with me, it will be necessary to obtain a rallying license from your local Car club or Motorsport authority, whichever is appropriate. This will be looked at in detail on a case by case basis because modalities change depending on where your residence is. Antony will help you with this part.

Upon reaching the target amount (i.e., 21k €), Antony will select 8 candidates from the project backers (i.e., who has paid the humble 10 €, and emailed him their interest to participate). The 8 selectees and he will then hold video conferences which will enable him to start introducing you to the project. At the end of the video conference sessions, he will shortlist 3 candidates. Lets call them 'chosen 3', for familiarity sake.

The program will be covered in social media (ie. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, his blog) therefore as a participant you must agree to appear (film, photo, writing) and be interviewed.

What happens next, to the 'chosen 3'?

BMW 325i group F - Rally car
The next step will be to meet at a rallying facility in Finland, where the 3 candidates will be introduced to the
co-driver’s job in real-world exercises. At this point in time an experienced co-driver will assist in the training.

The objective will be to familiarize you to the environment of a rally car, practice reconnaissance (or recce as we know/read about it), note reading at rally speed in a rally car, changing tires (on-stage), basic mechanical interventions, introduction to time-controls, road-books, etc.

We will then select the best of the 3 after the training has ended. Finally, the winner and Antony will participate together in a rally event.

Brilliant ain't it? How many times in a lifetime of an average person, like us, get a chance like this? Well, with my stats, almost never!

How to account in for the training & rally expenses?

All the expenses, till they are inside the 'chosen 3', would be at their own expenses. i.e., email, video-conferencing, and other internet communications.

Then the 'chosen 3' will be covered from the funds raised, for;


  • Full transport (to and from) between your home & training area / hotel (Hämeenlinna, Finland)
  • If any flights required: economy class
  • Accommodation and food (
  • 3 days on-site for training
  • Training stage: 4 km long typical Finnish style forest road (rental, repair costs)
  • Rally car: BMW 325i group F
  • Consumables (tires, brake pads, fuel, other fluids)
  • Insurance for rally car
  • Service crew for rally car
  • Standard practice car (rental car)
  • Consultant co-driver
  • Facility manager
  • Social media coverage


  • Full transport (to and from) between your home & Rally location (Finland)
  • Accommodation and food
  • Rally entry fee
  • Reconnaissance car rental and service
  • Rally car rental and service package
  • Insurance for rally car
  • Consumables (tires, brake pads, fuel, other fluids)
  • Driver/co-driver equipment (All regulation required clothing, helmets, Hans devices, etc.)
  • Rally driver / co-driver licenses (To be obtained from country of residence’s automobile club or association or federation)
  • Social media coverage

Not covered by budget

  • Your own liability insurance
  • Your own medical insurance (Make sure with your insurance provider that you are covered abroad or subscribe a specific sports medical insurance for the time of the event)

We are confident that the budget can be reached with the help of you backers; so please feel free to share with your friends!

Finally the Event, & the Rally Car!

The plan is to compete in the Finnish national rally ITÄRALLI JOENSUU (13.06.15) in a Group F BMW 325i.

What and how the rally car sounds & feels like, have a look at this below clip (although not driven by Antony himself)

What is the role of a Co-driver?

Just watch this for the answer!

Still Interested?

Then here are the contact details below of, Antony Warmbold & Thrill Pledge!
  • +33 (0) 6 78 63 08 43 

Best of luck!


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