Thierry Neuville Leads, Rallye de' France - Day 2 | WRC - 2013

Thierry Neuville Leads, Rallye de' France - Day 2 | WRC - 2013

City of Hagenau woke up to the early rumble of World Rally cars, to witness day 2 of the event starting early with the first car getting through the opening stage [SS2 - Klevener 1, 10.66] at 09:18 [local time]. Sebastien Ogier lead the rally starting first, till Tomas Kostka, being the last of the 12 WRC spec cars.

In WRC-2 class, Robert Kubica lead his breed of cars behind the top level competition, and also kept his lead till the end of day. Jose Antonio Suarez was pretty quick in Junior WRC class, but crashed out early today, and Yerey Lemes took the lead. Sebastien Chardonnet lead the WRC-3 category, while also went on to out-perform some WRC-2 cars in the rally, but at the end of the day - Quentin Gilbert was the leader in the category.

The day's repetition of morning's stages witnessed some dampness, and it meant the right choice did the favour to the quickest drivers. Atleast, it can be named for the reason of the Belgian driver to take the top spot on the scoreboard. Loeb slipped to 4th overall, while Dani & Latvala marked 2nd and 3rd respectively. Sebastien Ogier is not far from the top 4, and sits under half a minute to reach the top rank.

Overall top 5, after SS7.

Pos   No   Driver
1:08:56.5 0.00.0
2.10D. SORDO
4.1S. LOEB
1:09:25.2   +16.5   +28.7

Day 3 opens tomorrow at 09:23 [local time] with SS8 Hohlandsbourg - Firstplan 1, one of the longest with 28.48 km of the day. Will the Belgian extends, or Loeb will strike back, or something else differently? 

Lets see what we have on the stages, until then - Good night!

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