So will Loeb agree on the return to WRC, for Few More Rounds This Season at WRC - 2013 ?

So will Loeb agree on the return to WRC, for Few More Rounds This Season at WRC - 2013 ?

We all knew that Sebastien Loeb was set to do only 4 rallies in this season, but it seems like there is going to be a change of plans if he likes to do more than those 4.

Yes, it is quite dramatic when just hours to what they had officially broke the news about the WTCC outing next season for Loeb. Meanwhile at shows up yet another angle to the reality, that was probably also brewing at Citroen Racing headquarters. Yves Matton is quite interested to bring back the 9-timer this season at WRC for atleast a couple of rallies more, than what they had jointly announced about six months back. Although Loeb is not yet been approached with the news [officially, as they claim], it seems his comeback for more is almost a definite.

Probably, it was the dramatic retirement of the Finn, Mikko Hirvonen after that not-so good way of pulling off the rally [Sardegna], that might have made the Citroen Racing Chief, Yves to rethink of the Loeb-strategy. It is a definite a good news to his followers, who didn't want him to leave so soon. But it certainly will affect the strategies of the current championship leaders, Volkswagen Motorsport and Ogier / Latvala pair since they are the leading trio as of now. But on the contrary, it will definitely help the sport to gain more momentum with respect of interest with not just the fans, but beyond it.

Sebastien Ogier was almost, more or less declared the champion of 2013, but if the current champion decides to join for more, it will definitely heat up the race to the glory. All we can do is to wait and watch, what the outcome of the discussion is going to be. For sure!

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