Volkswagen Unveils TAIGUN | A Concept Crossover

Volkswagen, the world's largest 'Das Auto' maker unveils a compact cross over called Taigun at São Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil yesterday. Taigun, the name itself sounds strange and more Korean/Japanese/Indonesian at the first, and also the name is shared with a famous Japanese restaurant in Colorado. But that doesn't mean the name is lifted from there or otherwise, but definitely not sounding German!

Nomenclature apart, the new cross-over is powered by a tiny 1.0 liter 3 pot, but it is a direct injection and turbo-charged petrol engine which churns out 108 PS of power with 175 NM of torque with the tach needle is just at 1500. It is not just the power that is awesomely done, but this little monster also has an average over 20 KM / Liter of gasoline. This is possible with the very light overall weight of the vehicle of just 985 KGs.  The dimensions are 3.859 Meters long, 1.728 Meters wide and 1.570 Meters tall, and a wheelbase of 2,470 Meters. Its four door is meant for seating 4 people, with a lid at the rear for some luggage [which VW claims is actually bigger than in Golf]. It is claimed of a top speed of 186 KMPH, and 0-100 at 9.2 Seconds.

The tiny beast is a little smaller than the Golf, but looks really huge with the designing. VW plans to put this onto production only if it appeals to the buying lot, after the Motor Show. Hope it does sails ahead, as the spec is a definitely good for practical usage, with both performance & economy packed in the small family wagon and also sets its uniquely carved foot onto Indian soil too.

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