A video Tribute to Bohouse Ceplechy!

A video Tribute to Bohouse Ceplechy!

It was at the Rally Bohemia the 35year old met his end in a horrifying crash on SS3. Bohouse Ceplechy was co-driving / navigating for Martin Semerad [22], who miraculously survived with only a fracture to the collar bone & was air-lifted to the hospital. Ceplechy's injury in the crash was so grievous that he succumbed his last on the spot, despite the effort by the medical rescue who arrived shortly after the incident.

It is understood that Martin lost control of the Mitsubishi Evo [ in which they were competiting ] at a very high speed and ended head-on to the tree [pictured]. The impact was so hard that the car was hardly recognizable.

Motorsports is always dangerous, and such incidents are just a blow on the sporting community & will be ever mourned upon loss of any life, whether on circuits or the stages.

May his soul rest in peace!

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