Silk Way 2012 - Rally Raid : Almost done!

Silk Way 2012 - Rally Raid : Almost done!

Silk Way Rally is nothing short of Dakar with the heat in competition, but mostly passes through the Russian continent. The challenge is almost the same, but with lesser terrain challenges compared to the now running Argentina-Chile Dakar series.

Day 1[08-July-2012]:

They never cared for water...

neither the lumber bridges..!

The chics neither moved us from our path..

Yes, the fire did stop us though!

Our fans had fun of our deep in s**t race position, but we didn't care for it either!

And the day was no short of dramas and breath taking actions..
Day 2[09-July-2012]: 

These huge trucks never stops to amaze us, do they!?
Yes, these are the must haves :)
And the grass eaters!

These things never get old, trust me! 
And there were some group action too!

It is so easy to narrate it this way! Believe it or not, its even hard to go and spectate!

More drama continued!

Some of them came prepared to its fullness, while...

others struggled!

Big boys were pretty lucky!

And some unlucky ones with injury had to retire!

While some just gave up hopes!

And those who made it were content as well as tired!

Day 3 [10-July-2012]: 

The ever enviable Kamaz!

and flying Mistu's

The silky sand, never let anyone just 'pass by'!

Some triumphed!

While some climbed... 

the 'not so lucky ones' dug!

The biggies mostly sailed..

Some lesser ones flew low!

Yet, the drama continued... 

and these guys, just went on, and on and on..!!

Day 4 : [11-July-2012]... just wait for it to happen ... LOL

May be some consolation prizes here till then,


Start gate!

Day 1: 

Day 2:

Day 3: Again wait for it..!

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