Rally Estonia 2012 : Historic Cars

In an interesting rally around Estonian countryside were some historic rally cars competiting and giving the fans hard time to digest the extra-ordinary style in which they are driven and have to be driven.

This part of the rally [historic cars] also had its own stories to tell.. It too had drama unfolding as the end-of-day rally leader, being none other than Ford WRC much celebrated driver, Finnish Jari-Matti Latvala. He is the overnight leader and the leg 2 is scheduled to start in a very few hours!

Day 1 [Latvala] : Here is the story line of the opening day of the rally in his own words.

Shakedown run on Rally Estonia

A lovely day for a drive in the country in your old banger :-)

The gearbox needs to come out :-(

Jari-Matti returns with a box of spare parts loaned by the good men of Galway

A quick conference with the team about what to do....
...and the box gets repaired.

Actually a new clutch actuator fork has been fitted.

This historic stuff is clearly more "hands-on" than we're used to :-)

Mmm, service park historic style!!

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