FIA's IRC Series, Round 8 - Sibiu Rally [Romania]

Romanian rally started on the IRC listings at the begining of the millenium in 2001. Since then it is one of the most celebrated motorsport event in the country. It kicks off from the cultural city of Transylvania, which has a unique architectural building lining up the city.

On the left is the picture from an earlier event from 2005. Although there are some tarmac sections, the rally is mainly on gravel stretches and it does snow during winter, but rather dusty during summer.

It will again be a close battle on the top order to excel and come out with winning colors, but the local competition cannot be ruled out despite that they might not be able to use those points (if they win) to win the championship. It is also the the 5th round of the national championship series, so the entry is a strong 60+ (including the 0' cars), making the event a longer to run.

On the top order entry list are A.Mikkelsen (Nor), S.Wiegand (Deu), M.Arzeno (Fra), P.Flodin (Swe), F.Delecour (Fra), however G.Basso is not competing in this round of IRC.

Since this is just after a week after the previous gravel round, most of the drivers will be accustomed to the event's conditions and will be fun with watch.

Here is a picture during Mikkelsen's testing for the rally. Just look around at the location... breathtaking to just pass through those roads, and rallying over there will be just dream-come-true many, including me :)

Here is the link for more event specific updates!

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