Craig Breen leads Rally Liepaja - Ventspils | ERC - 2013

At the end of the opening leg of the rally, Craig Breen leads the rally by a little over 6s to Finnish Jari Ketomaa, and Francois Delecour another 6s further in third overall.

Jari Ketomaa was the fastest through the qualification stage this morning and Craig Breen all the way down at 6th and the turn around was a bit of a surprise for the top field, but the Irish got the talent. Delecour's third is something extraordinary, as he had to drive through SS3 by holding the door closed which had latching/locking issues.

Day 1, top 5 result.

1 | C.Breen / D.Moynihan       | 22:15.4
Peugeot 207 (2)

2 | J.Ketomaa / K.Lindström   | 22:21.8 | +6.4
Ford Fiesta RRC (2)

3 | F.Delecour / D.Savignoni   | 22:27.5 | +12.1
Peugeot 207 (2)

4 | A.Lukyanuk / A.Arnautov  | 22:48.1 | +32.7
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (3)

5 | V.Švedas / Ž.Sakalauskas  | 23:06.2 | +50.8
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (3)

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Rally Latvia - ERC, 2013 | Kick starts, Qualifying - Done!

Second round of ERC, season 2013 is live! The qualifying stage was held early today, and Jari Ketomaa wins it in his Ford Fiesta RRC, while Alexey Lukyanuk was second, and Vasily Gryazin third quickest. In a couple hours from now, the competitive stages will begin, with first scheduled to start at 17:07 hrs [local time].

The rally starts at Liepāja in Latvia’s Kurzeme region west of the capital Riga, the event will gradually head north up the Baltic coastline to Ventspils where it will finish two days and 240 km of snow-coated stages later.

The rally has 15 Special Stages, with SS distances totaling to 243 km [41.77 km on leg one, 92.05 km on leg two, 109.18 km on leg three]. Liaison distance of 609.07 km and totaling to a 852.07 km Start to Finish.

Here are some official documents of the rally like, Entry list, Itinerary & SR.

Official teaser of the event is here below. Until more are made available to be consumed by you fans - stay starved!

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